Live from Dallas: Beau Monde & Big Booksigning

Went shopping on Tuesday, spent 150 $ in Bath & Bodyworks, was hit hard by jetlag in the afternoon.

On Wednesday I went to the Beau Monde Conference, and I”m happy to say that this year my workshop went absolutely fine! 🙂 When I browsed the RWA goody room I wondered why Dorchester had sent books to the goody room when they’ve never done it before. Wellll, it turned out that those books in the goody room where the books intended for the Literacy for Life signing in the late afternoon. As a result of that, I didn’t have any books to sign. Luckily I had brought CDs and coverflaps, and people still stopped by to chat. The highlight of the signing was certainly meeting John Charles, who had reviewed CASTLE for the Chicago Tribune.

Due to the amount of books in the goody room, I’ve already got, like, 20 books. My suitcases are going to be sooooo-hooo heavy!