Littlebird Blue on THE LILY BRAND

When I sent out ARCs for CASTLE, I also sent one to the Green Man Review and Camille Alexa picked it up. She didn’t like the book. She read it twice, just to be sure, but she still didn’t like it and she was very sorry about this, which becomes quite obvious when you read her review: even though it’s a bad review, she still had a lot of nice things to say about the novel. (It becomes even more obvious when you read the blog post she wrote after said review went online. She’s a real sweetheart!)

Anyways, I offered to send Camille THE LILY BRAND in the hope she would like this one better than CASTLE. And apparently she did! *biiig smile* She blogged about it today and had again lots of nice things to say about my writing style:

Sandra is an excellent writer. I love her sense of detail, her unusual settings, especially her use of dark, broody landscapes with their hint of fey and madness.

Now isn’t that nice? She goes on to say that TLB “as a small but enthusiastic fan base.” Cool. I didn’t really know that. I mean, I knew that there are people who’ve enjoyed TLB — and some of them quite a lot! –, but I didn’t think of it in terms of a fan base. (But hey, I’m the girl who constantly worries her manuscripts might kill her poor editor!)

Okay, so Camille goes on to say: “[TLB]’s exciting in the ways of the best grand adventures: unapologetic.” Hehe. (Have I already mentioned that some of my friends were quite shocked when they read TLB?)


More reviews: Deb from CA Reviews gave CASTLE an 8 and wrote:

This is a lovely spin on the classic “Beauty and the Beast” kind of tale. Lovers of myths and fairy tales will find many references here that add an extra dimension to the story. To say that Fenris is a tortured hero is understating things considerably. He has a decent reason, unlike many other heroes of this type. And Celia is a great character. She is innocent in many ways, but she is also intelligent and strong-willed. When life offers her a chance and a challenge, she does not back down from it. The story has a wonderfully gothic feel with a touch of the paranormal. I’m hoping to see many more books from this very talented author.


In addition Carrie Lofty, who’s the founder and one of the contributors to Unusual Historicals, blogged about CASTLE a few days ago: she didn’t like it 100%, but overall, she seems to have enjoyed it as she ends her review with: “. . . Schwab does a marvelous job of setting the Black Forest scene. Loved it. We get quirks, holidays, and a peek at a culture generally ignored by romance writers.”

Now I just need to find out how to stop speaking Chinese in class.

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  1. Camille Alexa

    You definitely have a fan base! TLB was listed as one of the Green Man Review staff picks of best reads for 2006. And I quote from our archives:

    “Sandra Schwab, The Lily Brand – holy shit! A fairy-tale regency about two lovers’ escape from evil sexual bondage. Will give you something you don’t usually get reading regency romance–a shiver.”

    [I believe that’s a quote from Jennifer Stevenson.]

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