Lightbulb Moment

After some serious thinking and heavy browsing of my Oxford Dictionary of First Names, I’ve finally found the perfect nickname for my unfortunate secondary character in the WIP: Dodo! (From rabbit to extinct bird – that’s not such a big improvement, is it?) And here he is, the Honourable Adolphus Fenton Cole:

With a thunder of hooves the man who was rumoured to be the least well-favoured gentleman of all of London rode up to their landau. His light-blond hair, or what could be seen of it below his hat, bore a strong resemblance to straw; his nose had once been called a potato-shaped appendage; and his hands were as big as the blade of a large – a very large – spade.

One thought on “Lightbulb Moment

  1. Julie

    Just finished all three of your books and thoroughly enjoyed them. Also enjoying your blog! Can’t wait for Dodo!

    Franklin, TN USA

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