Light-bulb Moments

Beyond the fishpond in our backyard there stands a garden shed. A rather large garden shed with a porch with a table, bench and two chairs. Perfect for summer tea parties! (Well, of course I had to mention tea parties. That’s all my mind can focus on these days: dragonz and imaginary tea parties.) But the overall look is somewhat rustic, which means I’ll need to doll it up with fabrics to make it “girlier.” More fluff and flowers, that’s what this porch needs!

As the June issue of Homes & Antiques contains instructions on how to make a lovely summer quilt, I thought I might want to make a quilt for the bench. Not that I’ve got time to make a quilt right now, mind you. But then I don’t have time for tea parties either, so there. We’re talking about future possibilities here! Still, I don’t have a sewing machine, which would turn quilting into a really time-consuming affair even if I would use large squares.

Then I leaved through the current Ikea catalogue and spotted the pretty, pretty, oh-so-pretty Alvine bedlinen. Hmmm, I thought. How about I stuff the batting into a duvet cover, tie it in place and sew the whole thing shut?

Sounds good, eh?

But THEN I had an even better idea for I stumbled across the very, very, very cheap, very, very thin duvet in the Ikea catalogue. Very, very, very cheap duvet + lovely (and cheap) bedlinen = fantabulous cover for bench on the porch of the garden shed. Pair it off with cheap white tablecloth and pretty china, and you’ve set the stage for a summer tea party.

Have I already mentioned that I can’t wait to finally finish the dratted diss????

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  1. Anonymous

    Oh, I love those viney patterns! I have some Ikea throw pillows that are similar, but those are even prettier. Must. Shop. –willaful

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