Let the Tea Parties Begin

Okay, not really. Not yet. Still working on the dratted diss. But I’m already preparing for the tea parties to come (and we’re not just talking about my slight dishaholic tendencies here!). First I’m going to metamorphose into a domestic goddess:

Then I’m going to bake delicious muffins in adorable what-cha-call-’ems:

And after that I’m going to organise a big office/hallway tea party. And after that I’ll give regular tea parties at home. Week after week after week after week until everybody I know is sick of my baking and runs away when s/he catches sight of me.
And after that I’m going to make jams. *g*
So please, dragonz, drop dead, will you?

One thought on “Let the Tea Parties Begin

  1. Sandra Schwab

    PS: If I don’t write about the tea parties of the future, I’ll have to talk about characters who talk funny and bash their braines (or perhaps it’s braynes) out on stage. I don’t think anybody would want that. Or would they?

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