Launching Sandy’s Podchatter

Okay, so I had planned to do this tomorrow, but I just couldn’t wait any longer: I have joined the world of podcasting, which means that from now on you will be able not just to read my ramblings, no, now you can also listen to them. Topics for the first episode include Sandy’s take on settings — Featured Book: Dorothy Dunnett’s LYMOND CHRONICLES — Reading: “Daisy” (a spring poem — which has proved to be a bit premature). I hope you’ll enjoy this podcast of mine! Please feel free to leave comments on the show, either here or on the pocast website. And now, please come over to

Sandy’s Podchatter

6 thoughts on “Launching Sandy’s Podchatter

  1. Sandy

    oh, not good. :-/

    I’m at uni tomorrow and have a look whether it’ll let me play from there. There also seems to be something wrong with my meta tags. (Whatever these might be for.)


    This is not quite so easy after all. Hmph.

  2. Anonymous

    yea! very nice sandy. thank you.

    i just right clicked on the ‘direct download’ link to open it in a new window, for a streaming access.


  3. rsa

    Although I didn’t listen to it completly, I downloaded it and it played just fine. Only that 80 kbits/s is very low Q.
    You wanna know what meta tags are? Need some support on MP3 and audio editing?
    Call 1-800-rusainbremen!

  4. Sandy

    Richard, you’re a big sweetheart. :O) I’m using Audacity for audio-editing and it works just fine (as I said, I actually find it totally fascinating!!!) (you can get rid of “ehm”s! and of embarrassing mistakes like “Robert Lois … ehm … Louis Stevenson”), it also exports files in MP3. As to the meta tags — well, I thought they were automatically generated by the podcast-blog software, but I could have been mistaken. At the moment I’m waiting to hear back from the libsyn support team (poor guys: now they, too, have got Sandy to deal with … *g*).

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