Latest Ikea Adventures

Decided I needed another Billy shelf with doors in my library and more shelves in my home office. Thus dragged some old shelves from library into home office (ta-da!) and went to Ikea on Saturday — surprisingly few people did the same (good for me!) — to buy new shelves for the library. Plus doors. Managed to drop a door onto my foot (it … uhm … hurt) (like hell, in fact). Luckily, also managed to stuff all the shelves and doors into my car (despite hurting foot). Drove home. Just after I had arrived home, it started to rain (the cats-and-dogs variety of rain). Splendid. Foot still hurt. Cats needed feeding (and had been sick in the hallway) (what’s new?). Too tired to put shelves together that evening. Instead, put shelves together this morning. Realized I don’t need half an hour after all to put a Billy shelf together. I need 11 minutes! Yay!

Still, putting shelves together and putting the books back in, took much longer than I thought. Of course, had to watch the celebration of the German football team in Berlin at high noon. 🙂 But by now, the shelves in the library are all standing and are filled with books. Yay! Yay! Yay!

Uhm ….

Of course, I still haven’t managed to start with the preps for my Beau Monde workshop.

OR to continue working on BETRAYAL.

Lalala ….