Late Night Chatter

You’ll be happy to hear that my heroine still hasn’t run away with the stableboy. (Well, truth be told, I don’t take any chances: so far there simply is no stableboy in the story. Hehe.) But remember what I told you about scenes that refuse to develop according to plan? So today my hero totally freaked out, went completely nuts. Argh! That wasn’t planned either!!! However, I hope it’ll add to his mysterious allure. Or something. The freaking out part might be John Denver’s fault, though: these past two days I listened to country while writing. I’ve never listened to music before while writing, but “Country Roads” somehow became the theme song of the WIP, and listening to the song helps me to get into the story. Plus I’ve found out I simply love John Denver songs!

4 thoughts on “Late Night Chatter

  1. Dorie

    Hello Sandra,

    That stableboy comment made me laugh, I can’t wait to read the excerpt. ^_^ If it is half as good as The Lily Brand, I should be happy.

    I need more info about it though, Pleeeaase. 😀

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