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One of my secondary characters (Lord Munthorpe; Munty for his friends & acquaintances) breeds sheep on his estate and, consequently, loves talking about sheep. Which is the reason for the sheep joke (well, sort of joke anyway) in the novel.

Isabella poured tea and the Scottish duke [NOTE: he’s not going to stay a duke; I might make him a viscount or something] told them all about the sheep that merrily bounced about his lands up north. “– we also have Blackheads, of course.”

“Blackheads?” Amy took a sip of the thin tea.

“Lord Munthorpe beamed at her. “On account of them having black heads, Miss Bourne.”


… is there actually a breed of sheep called Blackheads?

No, but there are the Scottish Blackfaces. 🙂 Aren’t I lucky? So Blackheads got turned into Blackfaces yesterday.

Sheep the Second.

What does the barometz (or should it be borametz?) in the British Museum look like? I could swear that found a pic of it online some months ago. But didn’t find said pic this morning. Duh.

Blickling Hall.

The estate of my hero’s family is loosely based on Blickling Hall in Norfolk. Ordered a tourist guide on Blickling at abebooks a the beginning of this week. It arrived yesterday. Yay!

Dressing Rooms.

Did all guest bedrooms have a separate dressing room? Haven’t found out yet. Will probably remain vague on this matter.

Drawing Room.

Was the drawing room only used when somebody paid the family a call? Or could it be also used as a general sitting room? I know that the library was often used as the family sitting room. But I’ve made the library at Rawdon Park into a large, drafty place.


What kind of appletree could Admiral Reitz have in his garden? Certainly one that he can fall out of. *ggg* Thanks to Mr. Beeton and the Book of Garden Management (yay, Carolyn!), to pick a variety of apple was not too difficult. 🙂


I know that greenhouses became enormously popular once the tax on glass was removed. But did people, or rather, did the nobility already have greenhouses before that, i.e. in the Regency era? Another easy one: after minimal googling, I found a neat plate that shows a Regency greenhouse in winter: here.

Scents / Perfume.

Still need to pick scents / perfume for my protagonists. I’ve already (almost) settled on bergamot for the hero, but what about the heroine? Need to think some more about that one. And do some research on what kind of perfumes were available at that time.

2 thoughts on “Last-Minute Research

  1. Kate

    Can’t help with anything else off the top of my head, but for the perfume…

    You’re pretty safe if you stick to a single-note naturally-occuring scent.

    Rose water is always good… lily-of-the-valley… Things like that.

  2. Sandy

    What about cherry blossoms? (what does this tell you? yes, I discovered the cherry blossom eau de toilette at Bath & Bodyworks in Atlanta last summer. *g*)

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