Knock, knock …

… anybody there?


Ah, there she is! 🙂

Hello everybody! I hope you all had a great start into the new year! Mine was certainly fantastic — I had a sweet baby on my arm (though not my own, alas).

As you can see, I still haven’t been abducted by slimy green aliens, haven’t travelled back in time to snatch up Mr Thornton (oh wait, he wasn’t a real person to begin with … too bad! No wonder I didn’t travel back in time!), haven’t fallen into the duck pond. Instead, I have been hard at work at … well, myself. After gaining 25 kilos in the past four years (that’s 55.1 pounds for you), I’m now determined to get rid of all that weight until summer. Why summer, you ask? Well, because I’m going to RWA National this year (at this point feel free to imagine me jumping around the room and yelling WOOHOOOO!!!! at the top of my voice). I haven’t been since 2007, and I really don’t want people to say things like, “Have you seen Sandy? Wow, she’s become fat, hasn’t she?” No, I want people to say things like, “Have you seen Sandy? My, but she’s looking good, isn’t she?” 🙂

Incidentally, I also didn’t want to buy bigger-sized trousers yet again. So, on 25 November I joined Weight Watchers, and I haven’t looked back since: not only have I lost weight and am eating healthier food, but I am also enthusiastic about food again. I have discovered new dishes (how could I ever live without oven-roasted veggies???) and old favourites. Better still, I feel that I have finally taken back control over my own life. I’m looking forward to things again (RWA National!!!!), and I’m hopeful about the future (despite the Euro crisis and all that).

One thing I want to do over the next few weeks and months is to document my WW journey. So without further ado here’s the first set of pics. They were taken on 13 January, when I had already lost 6.6 kilos (14.6 lbs):

By then, the worst of the wobbliness had been reduced, which was in part also due to umpteen hours spent on the Wii balance board. There’s nothing like riding the bike around the Wii Fit island to improve the shape of your thighs! *g*

4 thoughts on “Knock, knock …

  1. Atia Austen

    Congrats! I don’t think that anyone would use the word “fat” to describe you BUT I admire your plan.
    After inspiring me to join a sewing course (which I haven’t done yet – but I found a nice little shop that offers courses) I am really thinking about joining WW.

  2. Sandra Schwab

    Atia, thanks for the congrats! 🙂

    I can definitely recommend WW — I think the programme is awesome: it doesn’t feel like a diet; instead it forces you to think about what you eat, when you eat it, and how much you eat. Since I’ve started, I’ve come to enjoy food again, and I’m happily trying out new recipes. (My current favourite is oven-roasted peppers with potatoes and Italian herbs – yum!)

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