Knock, Knock (Round 2)

And who might it be this time?

It’s Miss Very Pink Bunny!

I sewed her as a Christmas present for the daughter of our secretary. Miss VPB turned out somewhat pinker than I had planned, but apparently, that’s a good thing since the little girl in question luuuuuuurves pink! 🙂

In other news: today would have been Weigh In Day, if it hadn’t been for that dratted migraine that caught me unawares this morning. Duh. But I will go tomorrow morning — not simply because our coach is fantastic and the meetings are extremely motivational, but also because there’s a distinct possibility that I have reached the 10% goal this week. When I started with Weight Watchers last November, the 10% mark seemed so far away — out of reach basically. But in the end, it’s taken me only eight weeks to come to this point. Needless to say that I’m mighty happy!

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