Kill that bank account!

Go shopping at abebooks! *sigh* I freely admit it, when I shop at abebooks, my inner Gollum breaks free every time: I get the fiery gleam in my eyes and buy and buy and buy and IT’S ALL MINE!!!!!

But at least the bulk of my last order were books I need for the PhD thing. Or books I think I might need for the PhD thing. It’s seems my subconscious has decided that I’m putting together my own private collection of 19th-century chapbook-editions of “The Seven Champions of Christendom”

I’ve ordered three more editions, but, it would seem, all with different texts. How exciting is that? (Okay, to normal people this is probably not at all exciting. To crazy Sandy it tollay IS exciting. Toteliciously exciting, in fact!)

And to cause even more excitement, I ordered three 19th-century guidebooks (The Rhine, Paris, London) yesterday. All of them Baedekers. With those wonderful red covers. *happy sigh* In addition I’ve discovered a great site run by people who collect Baedeker guidebooks:

4 thoughts on “Kill that bank account!

  1. Kate

    Agreed. What’s the thesis about.

    And I totally understand the excitement. Although for me, I would need to be buying things printed in the 16th century, and that could get a little pricey. :s

  2. Sandra Schwab

    The full title of my thesis is “Of Dragons, Knights, and Virgin Maidens: Dragonslaying and Genderroles from Richard Johnson to Modern Popular Fiction.” 🙂

    I would need to be buying things printed in the 16th century, and that could get a little pricey

    In other words, my new purchases were actually bargains. ’cause I got more than one book, of course. 🙂

  3. carrie_lofty

    I just love academic titles. Could make them up all day. My thesis was: “Reading Jesse James and Wild Bill: the Origins of Two Western Legends and the Search for Post-Bellum Identity.”

    RAWK! 🙂

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