“Kam ein Vöglein geflogen …”

This is the beginning of a German children’s song: “There came a little bird, sat down on my foot. In his bill it holds a letter, greetings from my mother.” (It sounds much better in German!) Now, we all know that bloghopping can be rather dangerous – you might discover cute salt & pepper shakers in the shape of two birds, which were sold at Target earlier this year (or was it sometime last year?), but because you don’t live in the USA and you’ve never been in a Target anyway, those cute salt & pepper shakers are not for you. How cruel! But then you look around on ebay (good, old ebay!) and lo! and behold, you find even cuter birdie salt & pepper shakers. You wait a few more weeks, months, before you actually buy them and then they are YOURS!

Well, mine, actually. Not yours. *g*

And here are the two little chaps. Aren’t they adorable? And kitschy. But adorable nonetheless.

And now back to the dratted diss and teh horribel dragonz!