It’s correction time, my dears

Yesterday I got that pile of 41 end-of-term exams — and found out this morning that even the easiest, fill-in and multiple-choice unit of questions takes me 1 1/2 hours to correct thanks to the sheer amount of exams. And I haven’t even started yet with the long-essay questions! Argh! Argh! Argh!

Spent the afternoon at uni with some other stuff.

Oh yes, and one of my cats sliced my finger first thing in the morning. And now it looks … uhm … strange. (The finger, not the cat.)

Oh yes, you’re absolutely right: It’s been a splendid day indeed.

BUT, to end on a more cheerful note (even though this is, of course, my blog and I’m entitled to whine here as much as I like) (while you, of course, have to feel sorry for me and post encouraging comments) (you can also send chocolate, if you like): yesterday (before the exam, that is: got to uni waaaaaaay early to prevent getting stuck in horrible traffic jam on A66) I sketched the outline for a new story, tentatively titled BETRAYED. Or perhaps, BETRAYAL. And there’s going to be another gay couple! Yay!

And now you’ll have to excuse me: I’ll need to operate on my finger …

2 thoughts on “It’s correction time, my dears

  1. Sandy of the throbbing finger

    Operation over. Didn’t help much. Hope finger doesn’t fall off during the night.


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