It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas …

Well, not really. At least not in my parts of the world. The only thing that looks vaguely Christmassy are the plastic Santa Clauses hanging out of windows, from balconies, down garden walls and galleries … oops, wrong poem. Anyway. Plastic Santa Clauses … I could really do without them. Especially when they’re hanging right next to a box full of blooming flowers!

Of course, there are lots of other ways to create a proper Christmassy atmosphere. Like putting some Christmas music in your CD player. Or baking some Christmas cookies (and if you do, please send some my way!!!). Or overhauling your website and putting on it some more goodies for your readers. 🙂 Which is exactly what I did yesterday. Most of said goodies can be found in the new members section for subscribers to my newsletter and include the complete first chapter of CASTLE OF THE WOLF, readings of excerpts from THE LILY BRAND and, again, from CASTLE OF THE WOLF. I hope you’re going to enjoy these additional features.

And I hope everything works the way it is supposed to work!!!