Invitation to Tea, Part I (Or, Making Tea Cakes – U R Doing It Right)

After the chocolate disaster (or is it “desaster”??? I guess I could look it up, but it’s almost midnight here and I can’t be bothered with thingaboos like dictionaries), I decided I’d try tea cakes next, since I already got such good results with a different Nordic Ware baking mould. So I whipped together some red-wine cake dough, filled it into the tea cake mould, put the mould into the oven and watched the mini cakes rise while the heavenly smell of red-wine cake filled my kitchen. (Okay, I admit it, I didn’t watch the mini cakes rise *all* the time; I was busy licking the whisk clean. *g*)

And here’s the result:

Don’t those mini cakes look cuuuuuuuute? 🙂
And last, but not least, here’s proof that it pays to buy quality: tea cake mould with itty-bitty details: cakes came out clean and easy. VS *very* cheap mini-Gugelhupf mould: It took me five minutes to get the cake out of the mould, and when it finally said goodbye to the stupid mould, it left a “skin” behind.

Coming up next: Tablescape in Red (with my new Burleigh china and Lindor eggs)

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