Introducing …

… Miss I-was-once-a-dishtowel Chiby-Kitty. She has got a sunny disposition (See her wide smile? That’s how you can tell!) and likes romance (perhaps she secretly dreams of finding a handsome Signor I-was-once-an-dishtowel-with-pictures-of-rosemary&thyme-on-it Chiby-Cat!) (not that I have a dishtowel with pictures of rosemary and thyme on it. Poor little chiby kitty, she’s in for a disappointment …).

She is also musical.

See? There she is, sitting on the piano.
In the last picture it becomes also apparent that she isn’t quite finished yet because stupid me threw away all my stuffing wool when we moved houses four years ago. Hence poor Miss Chiby-Kitty’s flat appearance. But never fear, that’s going to change in the hopefully not-too-distant future. 🙂