Introducing my Centurion

A pile of research books about ancient Rome

The Results of Sandy’s Meltdown

With my life being a tad difficult at the moment (my mum had to undergo major surgery a few days ago), I went into full melt-down mode earlier this week & ended up buying a whole pile of new research books (see picture above). You might have noticed that these are neither about the Regency era nor about the Victorian Age (but hey, a few of them are about Britain!).

I have decided to indulge myself and jump into a fun new project.

Yup. And it’s set in Roman times.

123 AD, to be exact: my hero is a centurion who is sent to northern Britannia during the building of Hadrian’s Wall. Have a look:

Six weeks later Marcus presented himself to Flavius Gannius, prefect of the 10th cohort of Batavians at Vindulum. Gannius was a broad-shouldered, bulky man, his hair liberally sprinkled with gray, his grayish green eyes piercing as he studied Marcus from head to toe. He was not the kind of man with whom you wanted to fall into displeasure.

“You are rather later, centurion,” he finally said. “Is it a habit of the Eleventh Pia Claudia Fidelis to let her men move about at a snail’s pace?”

Marcus stiffened. He forced himself to take a calming breath before he answered, “I apologize for my late arrival. My ship was delayed by storms in Gaul. I assure you it was by no fault of my training at the Eleventh that I’ve arrived this late at Vindulum.”

“Hm.” The other man glanced down at the tablets on the table in front of him. “You gave your name as Marcus Florius, but this report I have here from the senior tribune of the Eleventh gives your name as Marcus Florius Corvus.”

Of course. It had to.

“A name I acquired from the men serving with me.”

Gannius stared at him, prompting Marcus to elaborate, not without an internal sigh. “A small joke on account of my nose, sir.”

One of the dark, bushy brows rose. “Corvus?”

“The men didn’t think ‘Aquila’ would do it proper justice, sir,” Marcus said dryly. “Hence, Corvus.” Raven.

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  1. Carolyn Crane

    Aw, you really nail this feeling!! And I like your hero already.
    Hey, best wishes for your mom to feel better soon.

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