Introducing Farrah Rochon

Farrah Rochon is one of the newest members of the Dorchester family. Her debut novel, DELIVER ME, will hit bookstores next Tuesday — so this is a very exciting time for her! (Though judging from her blog, she seems a lot saner than I was in the weeks before my debut novel came out *g*) (Pssst, shall we tell her that her book is probably already out in New York?)

I’ve asked Farrah to answer a few questions for me, so please welcome her to Sandy’s Chatterblog:

How did you get started writing romance?

There is an interesting twist to how I began writing romantic fiction. In early 2001, I began posting on an online message board for my favorite romance writer. In July of that year, I met a group of fellow message board members in New Orleans at a book signing associated with the Romance Writers of America (RWA) National Convention. At the time, I had not even heard of RWA, and had no aspirations of writing romance. But things drastically changed over the course of that year. My friends discovered that I was writing a novel, and encouraged me to try my hand at writing a romance novel. By the same time the next year, I had completed my first romance novel and was attending the RWA National Convention in Denver as a new member of the organization.

Tell me about DELIVER ME:

DELIVER ME is actually the fifth full manuscript I had completed before getting published. I’d written a magnificent suspense/thriller (that statement is dripping with sarcasm) while in college, and a three book series of category romances targeted to Silhouette’s Intimate Moments line. I never though I could write one of those “big books”. Then, one day as I was driving home from work, there was a commercial for a gynecology practice on the radio. A very crude, but funny, line popped into my head as I started thinking of what a typical conversation between guys would be after hearing such a commercial. It planted the seed for an Ob-gyn romance hero, who has friends (or, as the case turned out, brothers) who rib him about what he faces daily in his occupation. Don’t worry, the crude line did not make it into the book.

The decision to set DELIVER ME in New Orleans was very easy since it is my home town. However, when Hurricane Katrina blew in, it caused a number of problems. You see, DELIVER ME was written about a year and a half before Katrina struck the Gulf Coast. When I finally sold my novel, the landscape of the book’s setting had been forever changed, and I had to make the decision to incorporate those changes into the book. My editor gave me the option of simply writing an Author’s Note stating that the book predated Hurricane Katrina, but I’m happy I decided not to take the easy way out. I think the book is much better, and in a way, a tribute to the beautiful Crescent City and its current efforts to rebuild.

What are you working on right now?

I completed the second brother, Tobias’s book, a few weeks ago. Tentatively titled, RELEASE ME, Toby’s book turned out even better than I could have imagined. Toby is an ex-basketball pro turned music producer, and his newest client is picked to star in an American Idol-type reality television show. The book was an absolute blast to write.

I just started the last book in my Holmes Brothers series. This is the book I’ve been waiting to write. Over the course of the last three years, I’ve gotten to know this book’s hero, Alexander Holmes, very well. He is definitely my kind of hero, a widower who is raising his six-year-old daughter on his own and had an extremely strong sense of family. Alex is tortured, to say the least, but its just going to make his Happy Ever After that much sweeter.


Thanks a lot, Farrah! An ob-gyn hero — how cool is that? Unfortunately, I’ve never been to New Orleans myself, but have only ever “seen” it through Anne Rice’s eyes (I loved, loved, loved the Vampire Chronicles before they turned, well, strange), so it will be very interesting to read your book and get all those new impressions of the town. Living through Katrina must have been very scary indeed.

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