Inconsequential Musings

Why can’t dancers have blogs? Or, more to the point, why can’t Adam Cooper have a blog? Can you imagine how many people he would make happy by starting a blog??? Heck, if he only posted a picture of his cats, people would be totally, senselessly, blissfully happy.

Or choreographers! Matthew Bourne should do a blog! Or should force his company to do a group blog!!!

Given, there’s Dani, who runs the Friends of New Adventures website, but still, it’s not the same. GIVE US THE BLOG! Post video clips of rehearsals on YouTube! How cool would that be?

It’s totally unfair that only authors should have blogs. We want our favourite dancers & choreographers, too!

(Note: I’m beginning to go slightly ga-ga, if you haven’t noticed yet. I totally blame it on the deadline.)

(Note 2: Still, a blog by any of the aforementioned people would be uber-cool. Just saying.)

(Note 3: What do you think looks better on villains: pistols or swords?)