In the wee hours of the morning …

… I’m still flying high as a kite courtesy of those wonderful reviews and lovely e-mails I received in the past 48 hours. It’s truly the best feeling in the world, to hear how much a reader has enjoyed the story you created!

And as I’m still up I can tell you that everybody who urged me to watch the BBC adaptation of NORTH & SOUTH was absolutely right: this mini-series is fantastic! It contains many beautiful and powerful images:

  • the contrast between the almost supernaturally bright colours of the South / Margaret’s old home in the country VS the dark, bleak city of Milton
  • the cotton flying around in the mill that makes it look like it’s snowing indoors — this is later echoed by the snow outside, and due to this doubling it appears as if the cotton is taking over the whole city.

And then there is Richard Armitage, who plays the male lead. He’s tall, dark (and dangerous) (and where have we heard that before? *g*), rugged (oh the wonders of beard stubble!), and has a wonderfully deep, raspy voice. And a lovely Northern accent. And a nose like a sword blade. In other words: the perfect, brooding hero of a dark historical!!! Perhaps I ought to use actors and models more often as an inspiration for my characters. Other people do it all the time. Just imagine: I could buy the first season of the new Robin Hood series (in which Armitage play Guy of Gisborne), watch it until my eyes start bleeding, and pretend it’s all research! Wow! But … isn’t it somehow wrong to watch a Robin Hood series and root for one of the baddies? On the other hand:

4 thoughts on “In the wee hours of the morning …

  1. Carrie Lofty

    You’ll have to let KristieJ know you’re a Crusader now. It’s really obscene how much I love this movie. Onward to more Richard Armitage research! 🙂

  2. Marg

    I see nothing wrong with buying RH for the baddies. That’s why I bought my copy! LOL!! And I am going to be buying season 2 soon for the same reason!

  3. Sandra Schwab

    Carrie, I seriously think about putting him into one of my future novels. I’ve already got the perfect story in mind!

    Marg, so far I’ve only watched snippets from season, which some kind soul put up on YouTube (Guy & Marian snippets to be exact). Is it only me, or is Marian a bit of a bitch and a moron (last episode: hello-ho, you don’t goad people who’re waving around a sword under your nose!)? had the first few episodes of season 1 on sale, so I ordered that earlier this morning. Just to see whether I like the series. And for research purposes, of course. And if I like the series … eh … need to to further research, I’ll get the whole thing. Though they really should make a Guy of Gisborne spin-off. And have somebody who knows something about dark romance write the script!

  4. Carrie22

    Sandy, I bought the first season just because of Richard. I hope you bought the box set. I bought the first series twice because I just had to have the version with the audio commentaries.

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