In Proof-Reading Hell

I hate proof-reading. Hate, hate, hate, HATE it! It’s worse than marking papers, ’cause when you mark papers you’ve got at least the consolation that you’re reading other people’s crap. At the moment, though, I’m forced to read my own crap. Bah.

I had such a good start on this chapter: 64 pages of the odd red squiggle. Then – bam! – I hit the chapter on Terry Pratchett’s Guards! Guards! and the pages start looking as if cut my pinkie off like the good sister in the fairy tale, and dribbled blood all over the page. (The good sister in the fairy tale doesn’t dribble blood since she’s a depthless character and thus lacks any kind of physical and psychological dimension.) It’s horrible. It’s a massacre. (Have I already mentioned that I hate proofreading???)

Kitteh-picture is from I Can Has Cheezburger. Of course.

3 thoughts on “In Proof-Reading Hell

  1. azteclady

    I’m getting the impression–which is probably wrong, since I’m not the most perceptive person around–that you are not having such a good time proofreading…


  2. Laura Vivanco

    I don’t think I know that fairytale, or maybe it’s the Grimm version of one I do actually know.

    Proofreading one’s own work isn’t much fun, I agree. But you will get to the end! Can you break it up into little chunks and take (timed) breaks in between? Would promising yourself a reward for finishing a page help?

  3. The Persnickety Proofreader

    Sorry to hear the proofreading has got you so bogged down. I wish I could say I sympathize… but, frankly, I love proofreading! Over the years, I’ve amassed a lovely little collection of written gaffes (these continually amuse and delight me). One of my favorites was a newspaper ad for a hypnotist whose weight-loss services were guaranteed to “help you lose those unwanted carvings” (emphasis is mine).

    Well, gee, that’s great; I’ve got this dreadful statue Great Aunt Millie sent me for my birthday six years ago and I’ve got to get rid of it somehow… maybe this hypnotist fellow can help.

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