In My Library

In middle school I drew a picture of bookshelves peopled by fantastic creatures lurking between the books, chatting among each other, climbing from shelf to shelf. Clearly, these creatures had just climbed out of the books and were now busy discovering the world outside.

The concept of little people living on my bookshelves has always held a great fascination for me, and it is one that I’ve always put into practice when it came to decorating my shelves. So here are some of the Little People whom you can meet in my library.

Two curvy little madams …

… who are currently admiring the TBR piles on my piano.

Pile 1:

Pile 2:

On the other side of the room, this kitty (a gift from my parents) lives among my Mills & Boon Modern Romances (between Sharon Kendrick and Sarah Craven, to be exact):

The shelf below is reserved for Totoro, who was a gift from a reader:

Another kitty, a gift from Teresa, sits on another shelf, guarding Teresa’s books:

On the shelf above you can find this happy little miss:

A rather fat kitty sits in the fantasy section:

As do this sheep (which I bought on the Aran Islands) and the clay elephant (a gift from an honorary aunt).

What about your bookshelves? Have you got Little People living among your books, too?

One thought on “In My Library

  1. Laura Vivanco

    “Have you got Little People living among your books, too?”

    No, not unless you count “dust bunnies,” and even those are always on the floor and smaller than the ones pictured here. I’d never heard of “dust bunnies” before I “met” Americans online but now I’m very fond of the concept.

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