I’m on MySpace!

After many tears, much frustration and several e-mails to the poor MySpace support team, I’ve finally managed to set up an account and profile at MySpace. Yay!

I’ve also found a Trojan Horse on my ‘puter. I’ve let Norton Internet Security delete it. Should I reset all my passwords now? Does anybody know?

2 thoughts on “I’m on MySpace!

  1. Dorie

    I’m not sure about the password thing, sorry I can’t help.

    But that is a cute pink layout at your My Space page! I also didn’t know you were a Libra, so am I. 😀

  2. Gerb

    Hey, Sandy! *waving*

    Sorry about your computer woes! I just added you on myspace. 🙂

    Thanks for the comment on my family blog. I miss Lit Forum, but alas, no time. I’m bad about getting sucked into internet play when I’m supposed to be working…

    Cheers! Linda

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