I’m going to be on TV!!!!

Well, hopefully, that is. :O) On the weekend I’m going to attend the Booklovers Conference in Wiesbaden and apparently a team of “Brisant” plans to do a report on the BLC. And on moi. Or so it seems. We’ll see. I mean, it could end up being a 2-second TV appearance. But what the heck. I’m thrilled nonetheless!!!

And also a tad nervous since I still haven’t prepared everything for my workshop and the moderation of the big discussion at the end of the conference.


Please keep your fingers crossed that everything will work out just fine!

2 thoughts on “I’m going to be on TV!!!!

  1. Kate


    Hey, if I can be on TV (and I have, unfortunately, been on TV), you can be on TV – it’s not that bad. =)

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