I’m a bad, bad blogger …

And no, I still haven’t been abducted by aliens. (Though I do wonder: if you continually feel as if something heavy had dropped onto your head, does that mean the green, slimy people from outer space conducted horrible experiments with you and you’re suffering from the aftereffects?)

I’ve been busy writing guest blogs (this week I’m doing a whole series on Whine Sisters, the group blog of Kathleen Givens, Julia London and Sherry Ewing) as well as an At the Back Fence column for AAR, titled “Lascivious, Luscious Lusting”. In addition, I had (actually still have, since I’m not yet finished) a paper on “Allusion in Apitz & Kunkel’s Karl Comic Books” to prepare. I will give this at a comic conference one of my colleagues is hosting this weekend. It should be fun, and I’m sure I’ll find some time to sit in the sun and enjoy a book or two. 🙂 (Incidentally, the background story of the first Karl comic also provided a nice topic to blog about on Unusual Historicals — it’s all about Rotten Grapes!)

Speaking of books: I’ve finally overcome my reading slump, thanks to the wonderful Nora Roberts. (Of course. Who else could do it?) I read the German edition of one of her old Silhouette titles, UNFINISHED BUSINESS. Have I ever mentioned how much I love Nora’s old Silhouettes? I totally adore them! (Given that THE MACGREGOR GROOMS was my first NR book, it’s no wonder, I guess.)

Unfortunately, the books I bought on Saturday (during a shopping spree in the MTZ, the German version of a mall) turned out be less good. And I finally admitted to myself that most chick lit is simply not for me (what the heck is the appeal of pea-brained first-person-narrator heroines, who act as if they were 15-year-olds???). There are, of course, some notable exceptions. I really enjoyed the novels by Lani Diane Rich (though I’ve no clue whether these really count as chick lit) (probably not) (but who knows?)