Ikea Adventures

Sorry for having been absent from bloglandia for the past few days. I’m currently trying to put the finishing touches to my flat. Into which I moved two years ago, I know. But the walls in the sitting room are still bare and my bedroom regularily turns into the setting for unimaginable chaos. Oh, and I realized I’ll really need another shelf in my home office. I’m going to put it behind the door. You won’t be able to fully open door then, but I consider a small sacrifice in view of getting more shelf space. Speaking of shelves, there’re still no shelves on the wall of the library-cum-music-room. ‘nother thing that needs to be done. (Does it ever end????)

Anyway, this week I tackled the bedroom situation. Went to Ikea and bought new stuff (took me three hours to walk through the whole store — why?). Found magnetic coasters for pots (are they called coasters when they’re for pots?). Cool, isn’t it? Also bought new pot. And a towel rack (for the bedroom, though. For used clothes.) And a trunk for the bedroom (will be filled with all my bags so I’ve got more space in my wardrobe!).

Today, I spent all day assembling the towel rack (easy) and the trunk (not to easy). Got tiny slivers in my finger. They were so tiny that you couldn’t even see them, but still, they hurt like hell. In the end I conquered both towel rack AND trunk. Now I just need to clean up the additonal chaos that putting everything together created as well as the normal chaos in the bedroom.

There are times when I suspect I’ve got too much stuff …

Oh, guess what the cat’s doing!

Indeed: being sick in the hallway.


Oh joy!

2 thoughts on “Ikea Adventures

  1. Julia

    Ah, the joys of Swedish Build It Yourself Furniture…I feel you! But home improvement is always so nice. Although, maybe the cats through up because they don’t like it…did you show them the catalogue before buying? : )

  2. Sandy

    Actually, the cats adored the new trunk. (It’s a TRUNK!!! You can hide behind a trunk, or even better, in a trunk! Cool! Let’s conquer the bedroom! And while we’re at it, we can try hiding under the duvet, too. Or under the BED! Yay! And then our human is going to dance around the bed in that funny, agitated manner of hers! Woo-ha, total entertainment!)

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