Yesterday and today I made my first two flavours of icecream with my wonderful, wonderful icecream maker machine thingie and with the help of Ben & Jerry’s recipe book.

Friday icecream: coconut chocolate chip

Reducing the amount of cream in favour of milk was not a very good idea: even after 50 minutes of running the aforementioned icecream maker, the icecream still was runny around the edges. In the end I gave up and put it in the freezer (ha! that showed the stupid icecream!). Nevertheless, it’s very yummy and coconutty. 🙂

Saturday icecream: vanilla cream & cookies

Well, this time around I decided I’d try the cooking method (you make custard, stir in the cream and put it into the fridge overnight). Put a tad too much sugar into the custard, but it tasted great nonetheless. Then I stired in the cream and the vanilla essence, whereby I also put in a tad too much vanilla essence. For some reason it also acquired a slightly cinnamonny taste. Very strange. Still, yummy.

This morning I put the liquid into the icecream maker and lo and behold, it started to thicken almost straight away. Added the crushed Oreos (if you ever need to crush cookies, put them into a freezer bag and hit them with the potato masher. Works lovely!). Probably due to the amount of pulverized Oreo pieces the icecream acquired a hot-cocoa-with-lots-of-milk look. But the consitency was excellent! And the taste is not what I expected or aimed at, but — oh my gosh — it’s sooooo good! 🙂