I need a hero…

Actually, I need two …

Well, three …

Um … four?

Better go with four because you’ll never know what might happen. They might come in handy and all that. Just sayin’.

So last night I was casting heroes for my spring project. (I know it’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it.) Since I had already cast Damian Lewis (loved him in LIFE and THE BAKER) as one of them, and one of Kim Killion’s male models as another (the advantage of self-publishing? you can make sure that the descriptions in your novel fit the pictures of the people on the cover!), I decided to do a casting for the rest of them, too.

The chap whose story I’m currently writing is Robbie Beaton: when we meet him, he is in his early twenties; he’s got a boyishly round face and a sweet smile (yeah, definitely beta material *g*) (but hey, not all of my heroes can be dark and crumpy! we need some variation!). I had a vague, fleeting idea of how he looked, and I was pretty certain that I had unconsciously based him on somebody I had seen (in other words, on a real-life person), yet I just couldn’t figure out who that might be.

But hey, we’ve got Mr. Google! 🙂

So I asked Mr. Google “actor round face.”


How about “young actor round face”?

(Actor, Mr. Google, acTOR, not acTRESS!!! Argh!)

I’m afraid that particular experiment was not altogether successful, given that among the first few results of this image search were a guy with very sharp cheekbones, a guy with an off-putting self-satisfied smirk on his face (Note: People whom you’d like to slap at first sight, don’t make for good heroes.), a rather worrying picture of Anjelica Huston, Peter O’Toole as Lawrence of Arabia, a bloated Boris Becker (dearie me, what has happened to him?!?!?), several women, a scary Snow White holding a little girl hostage – but no Robbie Beaton.

Right. So let’s try “young actor round face sweet smile”.

Thank you, Mr Google. I do like Tom Hiddleston, and I do like Richard Armitage as well, but really, they’re not Robbie Beaton. Sorry. Also, what’s with all the women????? I’m still not looking for an actress with a round face and a sweet smile!

Eventually it was my brain which made the connection between “young actor round face sweet smile” and the image I was looking for: Kevin Whately! No wonder then it took me a while to figure this out: after all, I had lately seen him only in Lewis (one of my favourite TV shows). There he plays Detective Inspector Robert “Robbie” (see? see? my brain is working in strange and wonderful ways!) Lewis, a reprisal of his earlier role in Inspector Morse. Whately has this very homely face (in Lewis it’s a rather crumpled homely face; the young, smooth version can be found in Inspector Morse), but his smile is just adorable.

So there you have it: a young Kevin Whately as sweet, boyish Robbie Beaton, and a smouldering, intense Damian Lewis as William MacNeil. Now all I need to do is to move Robbie and Mac up to Ayrshire. 🙂

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