I must be the biggest glutton for punishment EVER

Guess what I did today (after eating a whole box of Lebkuchen and then worrying about how fat that’s going to make me): I started a new WIP.

Yes, indeed, I started a new WIP.

I wrote seven pages and I totally enjoyed myself. I must be a bit of a hare-brained dodo. *g*

Oh, and I also started working on a German version of my website. I found a lovely design and now just need to write a bit of text to go along with it.

4 thoughts on “I must be the biggest glutton for punishment EVER

  1. Witchy

    Ok I have to ask, do you always write when you eat Chocolate. If so shhh don’t tell Dorie, she will send you boxes and boxes so she always has something new from you to read….LOL.

    Now seriously what is it you started you sound excited about it.

    Cool on the German version will you be linking the two together?

  2. Dorie

    If I could bribe Sandy with lebkuchen, or chocolate, I would. ^_^ That’s not a bad idea Laurel.

    But I’m so glad that you are already working on another book, I can’t wait to find out what it’s about.

  3. Sandy

    Hi Laurel & Dorie,

    actually I’m trying to reduce my chocolate (and gingerbread) consumption these days. Not that I’m succeeding. At least not with the gingerbread. *sigh*

    As to the websites: yes, I’ll link the two. I chose a different design for the German pages, though, to create a clear division between the two versions. It just takes me forever to put everything together, to shrink the pics, write the text and then rewrite the html which my homepage-building-for-dummies programme creates. *roll eyes* But hey, I’m getting there! *g*

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