I iz still alive!

As you could probably tell from my prolonged absence, the past weeks have been pretty busy for me. This summer I will go to Toronto and will spent six weeks as a visiting professor at York U, and there are still oodles of things to organise. In addition, I was in correction hell for a week or two and realised once again that I apparently speak Chinese in class. Without noticing! That’s how good my Chinese is! And on top of that, the Kitteh has been the cause for several sleepless nights. First she refused to eat her regular kitteh food; then she refused to eat fullstop; then we did a blood test to find out what is wrong with her (thyroid hyperfunction); and then, after she was seriously sick, she was diagnosed with giardia. That’s right, the same wee beasties that eventually killed Lady and were the beginning of the end for my lovely Jago. To say that I was devastated is putting it mildly. :-/ At the moment, though, she’s holding up, even if she has lost a lot of weight (but then she was seriously fat to begin with).

To distract myself, I’ve been buying books.

And fabric.

And books.

And more fabric.

And a large sewing box.

Isn’t it pretty?

I also got a nice recording of Bernstein’s “Candide” (with Loriot as the narrator!!!). Unfortunately, the rather fantastic DVD “Leonard Bernstein’s Candide (Live at Lincoln Center)” is only available in the Region 1 format. AAAAAAAAARGH!!!! Not fair!! Because look at it, look at it, it’s simply brilliant:

3 thoughts on “I iz still alive!

  1. azteclady

    I am so very sorry about teh kitteh’s health issues. Here’s hoping she (and mum) feel better


    (and I’m very, very glad U iz alive still, woman–don’t scare us like that please)

  2. Carolyn

    Oh, all very pretty. I hope your kitty recovers her health.

    And, hum. You’ll be in Canada? Does that mean you can make it to Nashville for RWA?

  3. estara

    I hope the Kitteh is better, but wanted to address the Region 1 situation => region-free dvd players aren’t all that expensive anymore and if your TV can handle NTSC output which many of the current ones can anyway, it would be a good investment. Most of my 50s and 50s musical dvds or my anime dvds are from the US and I can still watch my PAL dvds as well.

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