I finally did it …

I’ve just cancelled my conference registration for this year’s RWA National. I’ve known for several weeks now that I would have to cancel the trip to Washington, but I guess I was still holding out and hoping for some sort of miracle. Which unfortunately never happened. (Talk about feeling glum.) I so looked forward to the conference, but as none of my workshop proposals have been accepted, I won’t be able to take time off from university. After all, we still have classes in mid-July.


3 thoughts on “I finally did it …

  1. Carolyn

    Noooooooo!! Sandy, you said … I’m too heartbroken to talk about it. Rats.

    2010, OK?

    I guess I understand about the diss, but really.

  2. Sandra Schwab

    azteclady, you can say that again. I was so looking forward to meeting you in person! You have to come to Germany now. 🙂

    Carolyn, after I cancelled the registration yesterday, I bawled by eyes out all over again. The conference would have been the perfect treat to celebrate handing the dratted diss in (because I’ll be finished with it by then). *sigh* I so wanted to see everybody again, but no, RWA didn’t want my research workshop. Duh.

    BUT! I will get a phone flatrate for USA, Canada, Australia, and Western Europe soon (and it will be only 3,50 € per month – how cool is that?), so I’ll be able to call you. 🙂

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