I Did It Again

Bought more notebooks today.

Well, one is a calendar (no, haven’t had one of those yet). The other is for promo ideas. I’m currently planning a reading sometime in May. I thought about doing it in June. BUUUUUT …

June, Germany. Germany, June — ring a bell?

Exactly, June is the Month of Soccer. Not a good month to do a reading, unless I want to do a reading in a very … uhm … intimate setting. Like in my office. With myself alone. (Well, of course, I could always fetch the toy reindeer — sings when you press its tummy — from my old office and do a reading for the reindeer. While it sings “Rudolph the Red-Nose-Reindeer”.) (And after half an hour I’ll be probably about to jump out of the window or ready to kill Rudolph.)

So May it is. :O)

2 thoughts on “I Did It Again

  1. Anonymous

    Hi Sandy –

    I must be wearing my teacher’s hat again this morning … so let me correct you: the ol’ reindeer in the Hiwi-Zimmer plays “Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer” (footprints on her forehead … oh yeah – Merry Christmas!).


  2. Sandy

    You are absolutely right, of course. 🙂 And it would probably take the reindeer only 15 minutes to make me jump out of the window. *g*

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