Horse Day!

May I present: Dr. des. Schwab (which basically means that you may call me Dr. Schwab, but I can’t call myself Dr. yet):

(The robe is an old, moth-bitten one that one of my colleagues brought home from St. Andrew’s; now all new doctors of our section have to wear it for the big procession through the humanities building to the big bronze horse in front of said building. The hat is a gift from my colleagues.)

Oh lookz, zere R dragonz on ze hat!

More dragonz (another gift):

(Can you tell I felt much loved yesterday afternoon?)

‘Tis me, climbing onto the aforementioned horsie:

Sitting on the horsie while St. Peter threw snowflakes at us.

Group picture with horsie (I look a bit like St. Martin, don’t I?).

And that was that. I still can’t quite believe that it’s all over now. No more Horribelz Dragonz to slay. No more headless chicken runs. How will I stand it?!?!?!

6 thoughts on “Horse Day!

  1. Laura Vivanco

    Hmm. So, the red gown made me think that perhaps this person had got a PhD from your department. But then I realised that couldn’t possibly be the case, because the hat was all wrong 😉


  2. Sandra Schwab

    Thank you for the congrats.

    Carolyn, it is an extremely uplifting feeling to sit on that horse, not the least because you’re so far above the ground! *g* And it was just so lovely with the snow flakes gently falling from the sky.

  3. estara

    Sehr verspätet aber auch von mir Herzlichen Glückwunsch, Frau Doktorin Schwab!

    Diese Lurkerin unterstütz alle deutschen Autorn die auf Englisch schreiben ^^.

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