I can finally post again! After installing Kaspersky Internet Security on my ‘puter, I was no longer able to log into blogger, post on the Romantisches B├╝cherforum, log into amazon (the horror, the horror!), abebooks (more horror!), and my postings on the AAR message boards disappeared into cyberspace nirwana. But now, ladies and gentlemen, the problem seems solved. And Kaspersky is still running on the ‘puter. *g*

Spent the past two days putting together the main setting for BEWITCHED (which involved studying my Baedeker map of Great Britain, leaving through my Baedeker travel guide of Great Britain, consulting yet another travel guide of the south of England, watching an episode of A PICTURE OF BRITAIN — lovely, lovely BBC series –, going to the ‘puter to do some googling, watching parts of said BBC episode again … and again … and again, getting out old musty smelling books about old inns in Britain, leaving through big, fat, heavy book about stately homes in England and Wales, and, finally, reading up on travelling in Jane Austen’s NORTHANGER ABBEY and PRIDE & PREJUDICE).

The estate of my hero’s family will be based on Blickling Hall. Lovely Jacobean building, done in red bricks. I particularily like this pic, a view of Blickling from across the lake. (That lake will play an important role in the novel!!!)