Homepage Updating

I spent most of the weekend updating my homepage (yes, I still need that long!): I’ve added the missing TLB reviews on the review page and, what’s more, created a LILY BRAND Miscellany page. So far, it features a story I wrote either during or after a writer’s block when working on THE LILY BRAND (which back then was still STRAIGHT TO THE HEART).

One of the members of my old crit group, the wonderful Lady LaLa (she’s the one who’s also responsible for my wet-and-naked-Fenris scene, parts of which I blogged on 3 september!), would once a week post a homework for us and thus make us exercise our writing-muscles. That particular exercise consisted of writing something which included the sentence “Hand me my pants” in direct speech. And as you will see, I had got stuck at the beginning of Chapter 3 of STRAIGHT TO THE HEART, while Lillian was waiting for the call of the thrush that would start the escape from Camille’s mansion.

Anyway, I hope you’ll have a look at the homepage and will let me know what you think about the additions. :O) Enjoy!