Hmph … MEN!

I really don’t know what to make of my hero. Worked on “Betrayal” this morning and now have the sneaky suspicion that Ash will come across as something of a jerk. Hmph. And I’m not quite sure whether I want that. Hmph. Hmph.

Dinner was a quiet affair. For the sake of the Dowager Countess, St. Asaph told of some of the places he had seen, yet quietly and with a new restraint.

Craddling his wine glass in his hands, Ash leaned back in his chair. “And how did you like Venice?”

“Venice?” A hint of color stole into the boy’s cheeks.

“Yes. Venice.” With studied nonchalance, Ash looked down at his glass and swirled the wine around with gentle movements. “The city of a hundred waterways, with gondoliers and old palaces and –” He glanced up. What kind of contrariness had led him to needle the boy? Was it the sudden new restraint and discipline, so remarkably different from what he was used from his heir? “– so much other wondrous sights.” He raised his brows.

St. Asaph’s face shone crimson.

[Note: Among other things, Venice was renowned for its courtesans …]