Hibernating Muse

These days my Muse is apparently hibernating. So I’m concentrating on my PhD project because muses aren’t really needed for that. In the past few days I learnt that romance is not just a patriarchal conspiracy, but also a capitalist conspiracy, out to get the liberated woman and force her back into proper subservience (I wish somebody would have told that to the lady with the sturdy boots in WOLFENBACH!!!).

At the moment, however, I’m reading a wonderful study on romance for a change: Juliet Flesch’s FROM AUSTRALIA WITH LOVE, which focusses on Mills&Boon novels written by Australian authors. I had several revelations today; e.g., I didn’t know that Emma Darcy is a pseudonym and that up to 1995 it represented a husband-wife author team. I also wasn’t aware that biographical details given in Harlequin/M&B novels might be in parts fake. (Yup, I’m a little bit na├»ve in these matters.)

Creative-writing-wise, I sketched a little love-test scene from later in the book last night. I hope Muse wakes up again, soon!

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  1. Kate

    Oh, hey, did you know that the 15th-18th century witch trials were a patriarchal conspiracy as well? I’ve just finished reading an article with scintillating gems like:

    “Unlike the patriarchs who invented and legitimated foot-binding and genital mutilation, however, the wholly christian [sic – she doesn’t capitalize anything except words for feminine identities] fathers and sons generally did not use mothers as the primary instruments of the physical torture of their daughters. Rather they used mothers and daughters as witnesses against each other. In addition, they vampirized the power inherent in teh Mother as symbol, naming their persecuting institution “Mother Church”… males used the Mother symbol to cover their own motives of sadism and control.”

    Uh huh.

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