Here comes a meteor

Once again I’ve reached the point with my revisions where I can only sit and stare stupidly at the monitor. I’ve finally managed to make hero’s grumpiness and heroine’s somewhat prudish behaviour more understandable (well, at least that’s what I think), but now I have to figure out how heroine might soothe and comfort terribly tormented hero, just prior before she tells him that she loves him. My editor thinks that

If I had met you before [dah-dah-dah happened] … You probably would have been a vain peacock then, fĂȘted by society, admired by everybody. But [dah-dah-dah] has shaped you into the man you are todya, the man I fell in love with.

isn’t terribly flattering.


Unfortunately, he is right. Duh. Sooo — what else could Cissy say? “Don’t be such a ninny, stop whining and, for heavens sake, do start to make wild bunny love to me.” — Nah. Probably not.

How about meteor hits castle just before Cissy can utter those words of love and it will all end in terribly tragedy (please note the fine alliteration!) becausing they’ve never got as far as proclaiming their love. Ooooh. Wonderful! *g*

One thought on “Here comes a meteor

  1. Carolyn

    I’ve always been partial to train wrecks. “Suddenly, a nearby train hit a goat, jumped off the tracks and crashed into [insert scene here].”

    Although a meteor is pretty good.

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