Heard from My Editor Today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m hardly able to focus on the grading today — and I blame it all on my lovely editor! When I switched on my computer this morning, I found her critique of my three novellas in my mailbox. It took me a good 30 minutes to open her mail. What if she didn’t like those stories? What if she was going to tell me they were really, really, really bad and how did I even dare to send her such crap? (By now you should know how my mind works, so this mini meltdown will hardly come as a surprise to you. *g*)

Anyways, I finally DID open her e-mail, and — oh my gosh!!! — Bev really, really, REALLY liked the three stories. “Did I ever love working on these novellas, Sandra!” her e-mail starts. “Please forgive me for not listing everything I love about them in my critique–it would have been a hundred pages!”

*melts into a happy puddle*

So I’ve been singing and humming and grinning stupidly and dancing around my flat for most of the day. 🙂