Harewood House Part 2: The Terrace

Madame Sphinx greets you at the entrance to the terrace. (Have you ever wondered how a spinx does her hair? Perhaps they’ve got servants for that kind of thing …)

And here it is — ta-daaah! — the formal garden on the terrace.

This is the view from the house, across the formal garden, with the landscape garden in the background.

The view from the balustrade that you can see in the picture above:

They’re kind of difficult to see, but all these black spots on the lake and on the lawn? Geese. Hundreds and hundreds of geese. I could already hear them while walking down the drive.

Back to the formal garden. There were pretty fountains, like this one:

And rather cold stone (marble?) benches to the left and the right. You can just about see one of those benches on the picture below. It nestles in the inner ring of the curved hedge in the back.

And then there is the very large, very neikkid man. Right smack in the middle of the terrace:

It’s Hercules with a leopard, and it’s a modern statue. The original statue was destroyed by severe frost in 1982.

So when you now look out of the window up at the house, you’ve got a very nice view of Hercules’s very nice, muscular bum. Not the worst thing to look at early in the morning, I should guess. 😉

In the next installment I’ll take you to see the ice house, the landscape garden and the walled garden.