Happy Easter!

Okay, so this picture has nothing to do with Easter as such. But look! It’s a mini apple tree! With mini apple blossoms!! (Which you can’t really see, but trust me on this: there are mini apple blossoms on this tree.) Spring is here, nature is awakening, little birds start building nests, trees blossom, Mr and Mrs Duck visit to snatch fish food, and the fish are sunning themselves.

And you?

You can eat Lindor Easter eggs. Or you can make red-wine cake, which is what I’ll do in a little while. And of course, there’s always the option of watching your children searching for their Easter bunnies. (This one is a bit difficult for me as I don’t have any children. And the children I know aren’t yet interested in Easter bunnies.)

Whatever you do, I hope you’ll have a lovely day with your friends or family. Take the time to go for a walk today, and look for those apple blossoms! 🙂