Ha! I’m scary after all!!!

Today, when I opened the door to get my mail, I told my postwoman, “I’m so happy whenever you ring the bell because that means you’ve got another parcel with books for me.” Well, actually, today she had two. *g* Wide-eyed, she handed them over and said, “This is getting scary. Will you get any more of these soon?” — “Yup,” I told her with a beaming smile, and her eyes widened even more.

See? I do scare people! Wheee!

So I clutched those precious parcels to my bossom (bosom or bossom?) (or bussom??) (bossom — I’m sure it’s bossom) and raced upstairs, where I inspected them first, read the return addresses, felt the books through the padding, before I finally tore the envelopes open. I tell you, this is better than Kinder Surprise (when I checked out the Wikipedia page just now, I’ve found out that those wonderful, wonderful eggs aren’t sold in the USA — you poor people, you!)! Today I got two books about the Fens in Britain — I figured I might need them for the revisions of BEWITCHED. For some reason or other, it didn’t occur to me to buy any books about the Fen District back when I was writing the dratted novel. Instead I worked with info and pictures I found online. But working with books is of course sooo much better! *beam*

Today I also had the first Lebkuchen of the season — hmmmm. If you’ve been reading my blog for some time, you know how much I love those! (Only my hips don’t. But who cares?)

And later today I ate my last peanutbutter cup. *sniff* No more peanutbutter cups for two years, for I probably won’t go to RWA National next year. *sniff-sniff*

5 thoughts on “Ha! I’m scary after all!!!

  1. Sandra Schwab

    Is it possible to mail peanut butter cups? I mean, would customs freak out? Coz I could hook you up

    This is really sweet of you. Thanks for the offer, Carrie! But I’m afraid the postage would run to a small fortune … *sigh*

    Elke, thanks for finding that out for me! And of course, I completely forgot that US shop in Hanau! Ha! It’s a really good thing to live in or around Frankfurt. 🙂

  2. Qtpies7

    I was searching for Kinder eggs at the World Market recently, they quit selling them because toys in food is a choking hazard. Umm, DUH, but the kids are not eating it! They are choking hazards even if they are not in the food. Stupid. I’m going to have a friend from Germany send me a ton for Christmas time.

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