Geographically Restricted Ebooks

I’ve just wanted to buy Jane Graves’s Tall Tales and Wedding Veils and Sandra Hill’s The Cajun Cowboy on Fictionwise, both of which were released through Hachette Book Group.

And guess what?

I wasn’t able to buy them because they’re geographically restricted.

Yes. Geographically restricted. Because apparently Hachette doesn’t want readers from outside the USA to buy their books. If anybody thinks I’m going to buy the print versions of these books instead, think again. This is an outrageous way to treat potential customers.

One thought on “Geographically Restricted Ebooks

  1. estara

    I’ve heard it works for Fictionwise, too, but I’m with mostly and if you give them a US adress and only pay with your paypal account they don’t seem to check the IP, so I was able to add the two mentioned books to my shopping cart.

    I put in an old address from a US school exchange partner of mine.

    Good luck!

    P.S. Did you see the huge discussion on just this topic at DearAuthor?

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