Further Things Sandy Did When She Wasn’t Abducted by Slimy Green Aliens

  1. Watched the second series of LEWIS. Loved it!
  2. Joined the Armitage Army. ‘Cause a girl needs a hobby that for once hasn’t anything to do with university or romance.
  3. Glommed Sue Brockmann’s Tall, Dark, and Dangerous novels. (And it’s all the fault of those bad, bad LoveLetter people who kept telling me that so many people love Brockmann’s novels.) I have to admit I was skeptic at first: the term “military romance” evokes rather unpleasant memories of the TV series J.A.G., which in the end was so full of ideology it made my stomach turn. The Tall, Dark, and Dangerous books, however, turned out to be blessedly different and very enjoyable indeed. Woohoo!
  4. Watched THE GOLDEN HOUR. Dr. Alec Track is très yummy, but looking at somebody’s open chest is so not. Especially when you’re having breakfast.
  5. Cleaned my bike and started a routine of daily rides. Lots of fun!
  6. Was outbid at Brenda Novak’s auction. For every single item I bid for. Duh! So somebody else is now wearing that lovely bracelet made of vintage typewriter keys. Double duh!
  7. Cleaned the windows. (And now the world is so much clearer! *g*)
  8. Revised the many-times mentioned diss chapter. Still not quite finished, though.
  9. Bought too many books on Fictionwise. (Fictionwise is evil!)
  10. Bought too many books on abebooks. (abebooks is evil, too!)

2 thoughts on “Further Things Sandy Did When She Wasn’t Abducted by Slimy Green Aliens

  1. Carolyn

    Oh, Sandy!! I Loooooooove Susanne Brockmann. You have to read the Troubleshooter novels, too. Cosmo Richter — he’s my man. Or maybe it’s Jenks or … I can’t choose.

    I envy you reading them for the first time.

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