Further Preparations for the LLC

Like last year, I’m going to take a sketchbook to the LoveLetter Convention 2013. And while I love my trusty, small watercolour box, I have an even smaller box that would be just perfect for travelling but came with only six colours. Here’s a page from last year’s sketchbook that shows you how very small both boxes are (Moleskine sketchbook in A5; the boxes are depicted in life size).

Trusty, everyday box at the top & super-duper mini box at the bottom

Aren’t they cute? The mini box came with a foldable brush that slids into a compartment in the lid of the box. But as you can see, the selection of colours is indeed a problem. I mean, Viridian Hue, hu? That’s NOT a very nice green!!!

What’s a girl to do?

Easy: buy some Blu Tack and start hacking the box. Because without the plastic tray and the plastic holders for the little half pans, you can squeeze 14 (FOURTEEN!!!!) half pans into that box. Not bad, eh? So I got a few empty half pans and a few tubes of cheap paint (with two or three indulgences thrown in) (I LOVE the names of watercolours – they’re so evocative, and I find it very hard to resist a pretty name. I mean, Turner Yellow? Isn’t that a lovely name?). And the hacking commenced:

(I had to cut the empty pans to size because they were a bit too deep to properly fit into the box – hence the plastic scraps in the upper right corner in the sketch above). After a bit of fiddling around with colours and meditating over the selection I got, I finally ended up with this nice little box:

I love the sap green in this palette and the brown called Terra Pozzuli (another of these pretty names!): it’s a very earthy colour. I also love Turner Yellow, even though it smells funny.

But then, I bet it doesn’t smell even half as funny as the 19th-century watercolour paint called Indian Yellow that was supposedly made from the concentrated urine of cows that had been fed only with mango-leaves and had been given very little water. THAT yellow apparently had a very … uhm … pungent scent indeed. 🙂

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