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In the past months I tried several things to kickstart my creativity. Sewing is a great creative outlet, but ultimately, it didn’t help me to get back into writing. So at the beginning of this year, I started a sketchbook. I blame this on Amazon and Amazon’s book recommendations: among the books that appeared on my page were several about mixed media designs and creating sketchbooks of one’s everyday experiences. I loved the idea, thought it might be helpful, and bought a shiny new Moleskine notebook as well as some fancy pens.

First thing I did was to create a title page:

You can see the starting date on the bottom left corner — dating my notebooks is a habit from the time when I used to write poetry. (Oh wait, did I say notebook?)

Anyways, I dutifully dragged the sketchbook to university to start on drawings concerning my everyday life. As you can see, I decided that the dirty tea mug on my office desk would make a great still life AND could be combined with a still life of my tea mug at home. Cool, eh?

That was kind of fun. Alas, at that point I realised that the paper of the notebook was actually too thin for the fancy pens I had bought. (Duh.) So I started to use a pencil instead. (Oh wait, did I say notebook again?)

Next I tried my hand at a collage kind of thing. Well, not really a collage. More like, “let’s take a glue stick and glue something into our shiny bright sketchbook”. Tea mug, tea bag, gettit?

For my next everday object to sketch, my choice fell on Teh Kitteh. The strange drawing on the right side? The snow-capped mountains and the lush valley inbetween? That’s Cara sleeping in her kitty bed, and the snow-capped mountains are in fact the corners of a pillow. To fill the page I also did a study of her kitty nose and her kitty paw and … Uh, that’s kind of boring. And the results aren’t too good either. (I spare you the sight of the next page where I tried drawing with my left hand.)

And then something really wonderful happened: on the page after the unsightly left-hand drawings, I started to play around with words. And the words turned into chapter headings for the WIP.

And then suddenly, I was scribbling away at a scene …

And after that, the sketchbook turned into a notebook, which I filled with scene after scene, interrupted by some odd comments like this one:

Or maps, like this one:

To my delight I found that my plain black Moleskine notebook is also useful for other things apart from drafting a novel: it is also extremely helpful for drafting the acknowledgments of the dratted diss:

In short, I LOVE my little black notebook!

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