For Your Entertainment On This Sunday Morning

My favourite Old English riddle (in my own translation). Enjoy!

A creature came along where men sat,
many in an assembly, wise in spirit;
it had one eye and two ears
and two feet, twelve hundred of heads,
a back and a belly and two hands,
arms and shoulders, one neck
and two sides. Tell me what I am called.

5 thoughts on “For Your Entertainment On This Sunday Morning

  1. Spoiler from Bremen

    A one eyed garlic seller.

    Thanks to Google you find just everything in the stupid web. Sorry if I spoiled the mistery here. Or yould it even be, that I’m wrong? Or was it a rhetorical question after all? Just wanted to be the first one here to comment on that one, although my knowledge on such matter is at a loss.
    Good nite!

  2. Sandy

    You googled it? Tut-tut. Do you think they had instant internet access 1100 years ago? ;-P

    But yes, you’re right. It’s a one-eyed garlic pedlar. :O)

  3. googled by stupidity

    What’s tut-tut? But I guess you’re right, people were a lot smarter back then without the internet. Or at least not so lazy using their brains.
    And I must say I don’t understand the answer, too. But maybe in another 1000 years, google will provide a logical explanation for everything as well. That would be scarry though. What happenend to the good ol’ oracle Delphi? It has been replaced by Google?!
    Ok, I’m babbling here. Next time I shall try harder 😉

  4. Kate

    Hahaha… Tut-tut is a quintessentially English expression that conveys disappointment in a person. So if Sandy says tut-tut to you, she’s disappointed in you. =) Not too much, though, I’m sure.

    As for the answer, it might be a language thing. A bunch of garlic is sometimes called a head.

    That being said, I NEVER would have guessed that, so perhaps Google is in fact the way to go =)

  5. Sandy

    No, no, not overtly disappointed in Richard. After all, he’ll bring cookies for our annual Christmas Tea (won’t you?) :O)

    I don’t think that ANYBODY would have found the solution to that particular riddle. But the guy who came up with it must have had a good laugh. *G*

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