Follow-up on Sunday Revelations

  1. I still hate reading my own stuff. Hate it with a vengeance. In fact, I hate my own stuff. If I could still stop the publication of the novel, I would. Truly. Readers will probably drop dead when they read it. Or at the very least weep with (in?) agony.
  2. Healing with urine works! Immediately after I had made a grab for the hot pan handle, I cooled my poor pinkie with icy-cold water and then proceeded to put urine on it. As a result, there isn’t a real blister any longer, just a red-rimmed whitish spot, and it no longer hurts either. It might sound icky, but your own urine is a great treatment for all kinds of skin problems, ranging rom simple cuts and burns, to acne, neurodermatitis, or even zoster! I think I have mentioned that when my mom suffered from zoster in spring 2007, we thought at first the tiny blisters on one side of her face were the result of some sort of allergic reaction and because it was the weekend and she couldn’t go to our doctor, I told her to treat it with urine. On Monday, when she did see the doctor, the blisters were finally diagnosed as zoster. Naturally, she got some conventional medicine, but also continued the urine treatment. By Thursday, the rash was more or less gone. According to Wikipedia, this would have normally taken three to five weeks!!!
  3. Sticking syringes into my poor cat seems to work: No kitty diarrhoea today! Yay! *knocking on wood*