First Week in Toronto

My first week in Toronto offered a lot of excitment: fire (possibly) (I’m pretty sure I smelt fire when I ran down the stairs in the hotel), an earthquake (a tiny little one), a severe thunderstorm (with flooding) and riots (more about that in the next post). And here are some of the things I discovered during Week 1:

Funny little creatures frolicking across the green, green grass

Old and new side by side:

Lovely pictures on buildings:

Beautiful decorations in a street full of pretty shops:

One large market hall, stuffed to the brim with people:

A birdie bath:

A church (which, strangely enough, doesn’t smell like European churches – none of the churches in Toronto smells like a European church, not even the Catholic one!) (most disconcerting to walk into a church and to realise that it doesn’t smell right)

A very nice shopping center (these are not real birds!) (but aren’t they pretty?):

More nice houses:

REFLECTIONS!!!!! (I am quite taken with them):

More beautiful decorations (is that supposed to be a squirrel or a beaver?):

Oh, oh, look: reflections ahead!

But first: sunshiny prettiness:

And now the reflections:

Pretty houses:

Other pretty houses

Giant creepy-crawlies climbing about a house:

Gargoyles on the tower of the Town Hall:

Some TV trucks (picture taken especially for Matze):

And here’s the sight from my window:

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